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FTP Site (File Transfer Protocol)

As a convenience for our clients, we have set up an FTP site (FTPCEO.COM) to transfer work product files, graphic design files for printing (with graphic art), and other files that are too large or take too long for normal e-mail attachment. 

Please use this service for files that are from 15 megs. (and larger).  

These files will still take time to download/upload and for any files over 15 megs., please "zip" them for faster download/ upload.  You may use Microsoft's Winzip.  Or if you perfer, below is a link to an excellent file manager software called PowerDesk. It is marked as "trial" but has unlimited time usage while having all functions available for use.  They also have a newer version (for around $50) that has FTP file management capabilities as well.

Here is the link:


In order to use our FTP site for file transfers you will need to call us or email us and request a user name and a current password:

Telephone us at: (206) 285-3062

Or e-mail us at: ceo@ceo-service.com

We will then be pleased to send you a link via email so you can drag-and-drop your file directly onto our FTP site (or use your favorite FTP file manager software to upload files to or from our site).



There are several excellent software packages for FTP site management and some are free.  Below is a link to an excellent FTP management software, which is free:


Search for File Zilla and download.  We also have placed a folder with this software on our FTP site which (after you drag-and-drop your file to us [upload]), you can drag-and-drop this folder [download] to your computer desktop.