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Advantages of CASS Certified Mail

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CASS Certified Mail Preparation
From concept ... to mail preparation
... to mail dellivery
... to more business


CEO provides bulk (mass) mail preparation services for:

    • Standard Presort Mail (minimum 200 pieces)
    • CASS Certified Automated Presort Mail (minimum 200 pieces)
    • First Class Presort Mail (minimum 500 pieces)
    • Saturation and High Density Mailings

CEO prepares your mailing pieces to receive the lowest postage rates to include:

            Post Cards                     Letters                  Flats                 Packages

When you involve CEO in your project from the beginning, we will guarantee that you receive the lowest postage rates and that your mail will pass the Post Office's Merlin tests (for Automated Presort mail).

The Mailing Services CEO provides include:

 Automated Presort Standard -- (CASS Certification)  Coding Accuracy Support System  To receive Automation Rates (which rates are lower than Standard Presort postage); sorts mail per USPS regulations, includes a barcode, also ensures faster delivery and that more of your mail is delivered to recipients. These rates currently begin at $.173/each piece.


 Standard Presort Bulk Mailings  For mailings where the mailing pieces do not qualify for the Automated Presort rates. Note: the rates for Standard Presort are as much as $61 per thousand in additional postage over the Automated Presort rates. The Standard Presort rates currently begin at $.234/each piece.
 Saturation and High Density Mailings

 Saturation mailings are based on mailing to a minimum of 90% of all residential addresses in a 5-digit zip code; or, 75% combined addresses in a 5-digit zip code. The saturation rates currently begin at $.133/each piece
High Density mailings are based on mailing to a minimum of 125 addresses in any carrier route in a 5-digit zip code. .

 Direct Imprint of Addresses on Mailing Pieces  Laserjet at 1200 dpi   
 Inkjet at up to 600 dpi 
 Printng and Affixing Labels  Self-adhesive
 Affixing Postage  Precancelled Stamps
 First Class Stamps
 Inserting (into envelopes)  By machine
 By hand, as required
 Collating (multiple inserts)  By machine
 Or hand assesmply, as required
 Folding  By machine (1 piece or multiple pieces)
 Or by hand for multiple pieces, as required
 Tabbing, stapling, sealing  By machine, or hand, as required
 Hand Matching  Inside addresses with envelopes
 Packaging  Into boxes, poly bags, etc.

Additional Mail Preparation Services (Computer-Related):

 Mailing List Maintenance  Edit: Additions/Deletions/Corrections
 Mailing List Compilers  Data Entry for Proprietary Mailing Lists
 (Your clients, Membership, etc.)
 Mailing List Brokers  Pre-compiled commercial, residential,
 specialty, and occupant Mailing Lists
 CASS Certification (Automated Presort)  For lower postage than First Class or Standard Bulk -- Printed Postal reports
Use of For-Profit Bulk Mail Permit 
Free use of CEO's for-profit bulkmail permit when CEO prepares mailings.
 Processing receipt from Post Office, which  shows date mail processed and actual postage charged to CEO's permit.  Each mailing is taken to the Post Office as an individual mailing (not grouped with other companies' mailings) for better tracking purposes. (Report available by client request)
 NCOA  Movers who have registered address changes
 with the Post Office within the last 17 months
Personalized Mail Merges
 1 Color (black ink up to Full Color)
Personalized data insertion
 Merge unlimited variable data fields ( from your database including recipients' names and addresses) into letters, flyers, post cards, newsletters, etc., providing more personal mailing pieces  to receive better responses
 Scanning Services  Text and graphics to include: signatures
 line art, logos, photos, etc.
 Conversions  Disks and Files (up to 33 different software
 FTP File Transfers  Secured Internet Site for transfer of large megabyte files.
 These could be databases or designs for your mailing
 piece for printing purposes.
 E-Mail file Transfers  Email attachments up to 15 megs. (ASCII text, Excel)
 Other media for File Transfers  CD-Rom, DVD, Zip, Flash Drives, 3.5" Floppy Disks
 Compatible Software  .pdf files, Publisher, Word, etc.

Miscellaneous Mail-Related Services:

 Desktop Publishing  Graphic design of your mailing piece with use
 of over 2 million pieces of graphic art FREE
 when we desktop publish your mailing piece
 and provide mailing services
 Printing Services (Digital)  Computer to paper plate or computer directly
 to paper. 1 to 4 colors.
 Use of CEO Permit (indicia)  No charge (when we prepare your mailings)
 Custom On-Going Mailing Programs  Built to your specifications
 Merchandise Credit Rebate Program  Based on quantity and mailings over a
 year's period of time
 Pick-up and/or Delivery  1 free (when mailing is a min. of 3,000 pcs.)



CEO provides full-color, personally addressed letters printed in one pass. A letter format is merged with your database so that each letter is an original and looks like it was sent directly from your desk to the person receiving your letter.  In one pass, full-color, the letterhead, inside address, Johnson box, colored fonts, color signature, graphics and photographs are printed, making this an exceptional value for the quality it provides.

In addition to the benefits noted above, these letters:

1.  Increase response to your offer as well as increase retention, as they have a better perceived value than other forms of direct mail.

2.  Tend to be opened more than other forms of direct mail.

3.  Often cost less than other forms of full-color direct mail.

4.  Can be customized for each recipient as unlimited variable data (limited only by what information you keep in your database) can be included in the body of the letter.

5.  The letter then is more targeted to the recipient and gets a better response.

6.  Are CASS certified so they receive the lowest postage rate.

7.  Can be printed in a choice of over 4,000 scalable fonts (including display fonts and handwriting fonts) at up to 1200 dpi for clear, crisp print, high-quality printing.

8.  Over 2 million pieces of graphic art (stock photos) or your own artwork which can be included in your letters.

There are two other options:

1. We can merge your database with your letter format in black ink onto your preprinted letterhead.

2. We can print your letterhead in black ink at the same time we print the merged database and letter format for the most economical pricing.


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