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CEO has over 25 years of computer service, office support and mail preparation experience. We provide a full-service, one-stop shop for your office support, desktop publishing, printing and mail preparation needs.

As a full-service company, you have one vendor instead of multiple vendors' time to coordinate. Your projects are completed in less time giving you a faster, more profitable response. When you have CEO assist you with your projects, you can expect:

  • A quality product

  • Fast turn-around time

  • High degree of accuracy

  • One-stop shop for convenience and to save your time

  • Projects completed within budget and per prices quoted

  • Completion of projects by experienced personnel with minimal need for time-consuming instruction

Our service can make the difference between a good response and a great response to your efforts.

Below is a brief overview of some of the Services CEO provides. For additional information, select "CEO Services" from the lefthand menu and review the information on that page. For even more detailed information, select from the menu at the top of the "CEO Services" page or "click" on the links provided throughout the page:




 Printing Services  1 to 4 (CMYK) Color  Print-on-Demand
 Digital Printing to paper
 Digital Printing to paper plate
 Specializing in short runs
 Laser Printing
   Offset Printing  Full-color  with bleeds, fills,
 gloss coatings, etc.
 Mail Preparation
 CASS Certification --
 Bulk/Mass Mail
 Automated Presort Standard
 Standard Presort (Bulk/Mass) Mail
 Saturation Mailings (Min. 90%)
 High Density (Min. 125/pcs each CR)
 First Class (Min. 500 pieces)


 Mailing List Brokers  PC-based

 1. From major list compilers.
  2. Limited program -- FREE
      Records when combined with
      print and mail projects

 Mailing List Compilers  Proprietary  Computerize your customer list, 
  membership or other data for
  proprietary use only
 Word Processing  PC-based   1. WP at over 100 words per minute
 2. More than 20 years of WP 
     production experience
 3. College-level classes in
     court reporting, grammar,
     spelling, word usage, etc
 Transcription Services

 FREE use of our
 FTP website for
 transfer of large
 meg. digital files


Audio Cassette Tapes
   Standard Cassettes
   MIni Cassettes
   Micro Cassettes (with some limitations
VHS (Video)
Digital Files (partial list of file formats)
   .wav        .ast       . wma  
    .mid         .dss       .voc
    .sri           .mp1     .vw
    .mp2        .mp3

 Data Entry and
 Data Processing
  PC -- based
  Compile / Manage
 Spreadsheets, Databases,
 Mailing Lists
 Desktop Publishing  PC - FREE use of over
 2 million pieces of
 graphic art
 for your projects
 Newsletters, Flyers, Post Cards,
 Membership Rosters, Reports,
 Books, Auction Booklets, Plays,
 Family Histories, Cookbooks
 and More ...
 Scanning Services  PC

 1. OCR (editable text) with conversions
      into choice of 6 program formats.
 2. Scanning directly into .pdf format to
      retain exact wording and formatting.
  3. Full-color graphic/line/photo
      scanning; conversion into various
      formats such as .tif, jpeg, pcx, etc.


(original letters, post cards, flyers, newsletters)

 Laser-Printed Letters
 Merged with your
 Database for the look
 of original letters
 at 1200 dpi
 Printed in one color (black)
 or Full Color (CMYK) and
 CASS certified for lowest
 Postage Rates
 Printed All in ONE PASS:
 * letterhead
 * logo
 * inside address
 * body of letter with unlimited
    variable data
 * color fonts
 * color signature
 * color graphics
 * full-color photos
 * Johnson boxes
 and more ...
 Note: These are high-quality, 
            laser printed letters -- 
             NOT ink-jeted.
 Newsletters, Flyers,
 Post Cards, etc.
 at 1200 dpi,
 Printed in one color (black)
 or Full Color (CMYK) and
 CASS certified for lowest
 Postage Rates
 Merged with your database
 for with unlimited variable
 data to give your materials
 a more personalized



 Web Site
 Internet Development
 Template Based
 (once set-up, easy for you
 to maintain or we can
 continue to maintain your 
 site for you)
  Hosting and domain name for
  a 1,000-page web site costs
  about  $200 for one year
 Binding Services    Comb binding, Coil binding, Wire Binding
 Folding, Tabbing    Separate services or as part of 
 our Mail Preparation Services
 Digital Photography
   When you need photographs for use in your marketing projects or Web Site
 Record Board Meetings
 or other meetings
 For meetings with a limited
 number of attendees
 Prepare word-for-word hard copies or
 summary minutes

When you have CEO complete your projects, here are some value-added options that are FREE:

FREE -- Use of our for-profit mailing permit when CEO provides our print and mail preparation services.

FREE use of over 2 million pieces of graphic art, line art and photos when CEO prepares, prints and mails your brochures, flyers, newsletters, post cards, etc -- or sets-up your Web Site.

FREE use of CEO's FTP website for transfer of large megabyte files when CEO provides our graphic design or transcription services.

For some of the advantages of out-sourcing
and subcontracting support services,
"Click" here.

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If you wish to provide details of your project, we will be pleased to give you a price quote. You may contact us in a variety of ways:

(206) 285-3062

(206) 285-0183



If you wish additional information or a price quote for a specific project, "click" here and complete our inquiry form for a quick response.



(CEO Professional Services and CEO Print and Mail)

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